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SecureCloak - Preventing tomorrows thefts, today

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In 2017 Victoria was named Australia’s car theft capital with over 15,000 cars stolen, on average more than 40 per day. This accounted for almost 30% of Australia’s car thefts that year. Burglars are becoming bolder and more driven to succeed in their criminal activities. Even though these events aren’t as frequent as they used to be, they still tend be a part of everyday life.    

Imagine you are the owner of the Mercedes Benz dealership in Toorak. In the showroom you have several cars on display with a combined value of hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s the end of a long day; you set up the alarm and activate the security system before heading home.

You return the following morning to see that much of your merchandise has been stolen or vandalised during the night.

Such was the case last October in Hastings where seven cars belonging to the Ford Dealership were stolen in the early hours of the morning.

Another example of car theft occurred last week on April 7th at a property in Mordialloc, 26 kilometres South-East of Melbourne’s CBD where thieves were successful in breaking an entry and stole a 2017 Mercedes A45 sedan from the residence.

These two events could have been prevented from happening at all with the use of SecureCloak

SecureCloak is a unique security solution made by Australian Bollards that is designed to protect ones property and/or assets.

Once activated by an intruders’ arrival it will take only six seconds for SecureCloak to release a non-toxic smoke which will fill the room creating confusion as well as preventing visibility for thieves and burglars. This effect will cause the perpetrators to abandon their cause and flee before eventually being caught by police. If they cannot see what they are after, they cannot steal it.

This state of the art technology against thievery is not only limited to be used in one situation. The device can be utilised in schools, art galleries, banks, bottle shops, residential properties and other various locations.

In sync with other products from Australian Bollards; such as anti-ram-raid bollards, SecureCloak can provide the ultimate protection mechanism for your property and assets.

Visit our website or call us today on +613 9459 3488 for more information about the crime stopping device that puts an end to thuggery in your store.

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