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Secure your parking space

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With the rising population comes a rise in motorists and a rise in parking spot competition. This has led to commuters being more brazen when it comes to finding themselves a parking spot. shared the story of a Sydney resident who constantly had people parking in front of her driveway and at one point a car stayed there for three days!

Unfortunately she is not the only one dealing with the annoyance of people parking in their private parking spot or parking on their private property.

Thankfully there is a solution which can avoid these issues once and for all.

Australian Bollards has foldable and removable bollards called the ‘My Space Bollards’ which can be used to ensure only the rightful owner of a parking space can park in their designated spot.

The foldable bollard remains locked upright when not in use and when the owner of the parking space arrives at their spot they can simply unlock it, fold it down, drive over it and reverse the process when they leave.

The My Space Bollards work in a similar way where a parking spot owner can unlock the bollard and remove it so only they can access a parking spot or private area.

If brazen commuters are taking advantage of your parking spot then it is time to show them who really is in control.

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