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Say goodbye to electricity bills with powerful solar bollards

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Solar bollards by Australian Bollards are an economical, green and low-maintenance security lighting alternative to traditional lights.

They are aesthetically designed with a satin black finish and look great in any surroundings, whether at home, along park trails, pathways, at resorts, outdoor function areas or pavements.

We offer a range of different designs and sizes, including wall mounted and surface mounted solar bollards as well as solar street lights. Our range of designs offer our clients the solutions they need to keep their facilities safe. 

All versions operate in a fully automatic mode. The lights automatically switch ON in the evening and switch OFF in the morning by detecting day and night, making underground wiring and expensive electricity bills a thing of the past.  

Solar bollards only require a one-off payment to be installed and are no cost to stakeholders once established.

Our solar bollards will last a long time, as they are heavy duty corrosion resistant and made for commercial use. Facilities with large open spaces would benefit highly from our solar bollards given their excellent light output as compared to other models on the market.   

Environmental friendly, with a zero carbon footprint, our solar powered bollards lead the way to a greener future.

They are an ecofriendly and elegant solution for the modern streetscape, combining aesthetic design with functionality. 

To learn more about our solar bollard range, please visit or contact our friendly customer service team.

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