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Saving Space For a Fitter Future

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Australia’s population continues to rise. Estimates from the United Nations on Wednesday delivered us a number just short of 25 million people, revealing a solid increase of over 300,000 since last year.

Our larger cities’ CBD’s and university campuses are certainly noticing the increase. It’s a good thing for both tourism and education that our hot spots are so active but it does raise some issues.

Notably, the lack of space for securing of bikes. If there isn’t somewhere to safely chain up bikes people may stop riding them. Less people on bikes means less physical activity and more traffic.

The NK-2000 Ned Kelly Bike Rack is designed with efficiency of space in mind. Installed on walls, it is engineered to suspend and support bikes vertically, rather than taking up space on the ground.

Constructed from mild steel and finished with black powder coating, it can be both indoors or outdoors and secured to both solid and hollow surfaces.

The Ned Kelly Bike Rack is a solution adapting to and saving space in all locations.

At NJM Group, we pride ourselves on our innovation and our ability to provide society with the security solutions it needs to protect people and their assets. 

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