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Safeguarding the city with style

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The Victorian Government is looking for the best solutions to protect the city streets in the wake of multiple car attacks around the world.

These security talks even began before the tragedy in Niece, France where 80 people were tragically killed when a truck drove through a crowd of people.

Then came the event in our own backyard, the Bourke Street massacre. Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton said he believes permanent changes could better protect pedestrians in the wake of the tragedy.

This was backed up by Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull saying he believes the city’s vulnerability must be addressed.

Yesterday we saw tragic images coming out of London after another car attack which provided a stark reminder that our city’s security issues should be addressed promptly as talks between the city council and state government are ongoing.

And just this morning a ute flipped out and crashed on Swanston Street.

When looking at solutions there are a few main criteria that need to be met. Any protective solution needs to easily allow pedestrian traffic flow, it has to seamlessly blend into its surrounding environment and most importantly it needs to provide maximum protection against high impact collisions and ram-raid attacks.

For a quarter century, Australian Bollards has been specialising in high-impact bollard solutions that have aesthetic and practical appeal.

We have a large range of high-impact bollards that are protecting many iconic venues in Melbourne such as The Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne Museum and Crown Casino and these solutions could be protecting the CBD streets.

High-impact solutions are required to ensure cars travelling at high speeds cannot blast through onto a foot path or through a shop front. These bollards can also protect against vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED), this means they can be installed with a certain degree of spacing and with the strength of the bollards, cars cannot find a gap to penetrate the protected area in the case of a terrorist attack.  And of course it protects against intentional collisions on pedestrian walkways.

Now we don’t just want a solution that protects the streets but not look the part as well.

Aesthetic appeal is of crucial importance when the solution is going to add to the look and feel to the city streets, walked past by thousands a day.

We have a number of designer bollards in our range which would not only compliment the look of the city but in fact enhance it.

Some feature stainless steel finishes with dome or slanted tops which provide a level of sophistication. Then there is our streetscape range of concrete bollards which can be customised to any desired shape.

And a great solution to add safety, a great look and even a bit of lighting to the streets of Melbourne is the Banksia bollard. Inspired by the famous Australian plant, the Banksia bollard would turn heads in a good way as well as lighting up the night.

So when it comes to fortifying our city streets to protect against accidents, terrorism or the mentally ill, it can be done without creating an environment where we are reminded of the dangers around us while not sacrificing any level of security.

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