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Royal Bollard Protection at Queen Victoria Market

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In light of recent events, Melbourne was confronted with a disturbing terror plot focused towards the famous Queen Victoria Market. The plan came unstuck when a family dubbed the ‘Jihadi hunters’ discovered the plan through contact with a foreign fighter.

The distressing plan was ultimately to plant a number of bombs throughout the Queen Victoria Market as well as fitting a car with a bomb and driving it into the market. However, authorities have stated that the terror plot is not a threat to the Australian society and that remaining vigilant was their best chance at defending such disturbing terror plots.

In remaining vigilant, the Queen Victoria Market significantly increased their security efforts. This increase in security led to an installation of concrete bollards out the front of Queen Victoria Market in order to prevent any similar attacks where drivers aim at penetrating the market and attacking innocent pedestrians. An informed and vigilant decision similar to this can assist in preventing any pain or damage that may be caused to innocent Australian families.

Experts in security and protection at Australian Bollards came to the same conclusion when it comes to protecting the Australian society in popular areas such as shopping centres, museums and other such social hubs.

Australian bollards takes a soft approach to hard security in providing bollards that are aesthetically pleasing whilst remaining protective. Bollards such as the Australian Bollards PAS 68 event bollards are a prime example of an approach to security that may be taken by more Australian entities. The bollards are unobtrusive in order to allow innocent civilians not to be reminded about the prevalent dangers around them.

Australian bollards has many other different approaches to protecting civilians in public areas through a range of VBIED bollards with designs and materials such as stainless steel, granite and concrete.

Other areas which were said to be discussed by these would be terrorists included Chadstone Shopping Centre. Fortunately,Chadstone Shopping Centre has had a strong relationship with Australian Bollards, allowing the team to install stylish Charcoal Grey bollards from the vanguard collection. The vanguard range can come in weights from 450kg to 1.5Ton and ensure protection from ram-raid attacks.

We are delighted that the Queen Victoria Market have taken the steps to protect the Australian public through concrete bollards and are privileged to have worked with Chadstone Shopping Centre to do the same.

To learn more about soft approach to hard security bollard solutions feel free to call our sales team on (03) 9459 3488 or view this catalogue.

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