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Roadblock for Ram Raiders

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Recently, there have been two ram raiding attacks in two separate suburbs of ACT in the early hours of Monday morning, the 24th of June. At 3:30am an Ngunnawal IGA was ram raided by a dark coloured Toyota RAV 4 and approximately 10 bottles of vodka we’re stolen, while 30 minutes later at 4:00am a Charnwood News Agency was also ram-raided. The Charnwood News Agency was hit 3 times; however, nothing was stolen. Unfortunately, both businesses are small, and family owned, and these events are the acts of opportunistic thieves and criminals and are sadly, preventable.

This is where Australian Bollards can assist you in keeping your property secure and safe from would be ram-raiders. Australian Bollards pride themselves on offering engineered products and services that can protect you and your property effectively from HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation), VBIED (Vehicle Borne Improvised explosive device) and ram-raiding attacks.

Ram raiding, as demonstrated in the video below, is when criminals use usually stolen cars to drive through the front of a business or store in order to steal and pillage everything inside, generally doing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

There are a few different products that can be recommended to businesses as a solution to ram raiding attacks. One is the High Impact Energy Absorbing Bollard. The High impact Energy Absorbing Bollard, which is pictured above, is our heavy-duty, subsurface mounted bollard. This bollard is powder coated to add an extra layer of protection to the bollards from the elements and can be designed to suit the atmosphere and blend in with the aesthetic of the surrounding areas.

Another solution is the stainless steel- High Impact bollard which are also pictured below. This High Impact bollard is also effective for VBIED and ram-raiding attacks and can be customised to suit the specifications of the client.

Australian Bollards continue to offer these and many more solutions to combat the effects of VBIED and ram-raiding attacks. Along with the aforementioned high impact bollards, we also offer PAS 68 and IWA- 14.1 engineered bollards to protect private and public assets from all manner of vehicle attacks. Some of these include our Centurion range and our soft approach to hard security range that provide effective protection in the guise of flowerpots or landscaping artifacts.

With Monday still on our minds, please let us help you protect your businesses and customers from vehicle borne attacks.

For information on any of our previously mentioned product, please contact our highly trained team at or call us at +613 9459 3488.

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