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Road Safety – Safety that Matters

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Australia's lives lost on the roads is at a high number of 155 lives, that's a 50% increase more than this time last year (2018). Due to these harrowing events, experts from VicRoads and the Department of Transport have decided to merge to form a new Victorian Road Safety office, after an emergency road safety summit back in May to discuss the jump in lives lost on our roads.

This new road safety office is penned to focus on lowering the number of lives lost on Victorian roads, working with the government on their safety campaigns, updating and making roads safer, decreasing speed limits where necessary and anything else that can save our lives. Due to the sad amount of lives already lost, this is welcome news, and Australian Bollards would be proud to support the new team with our large range of effective solutions that can be implemented to help keep our roads safe. A few of these solutions include our galvanized W-Beam System by Armco Railing, our Automated speed humps Speedoo, and our other road solutions, such as the Solar Road Stud, pictured below.

As one of the main focuses of the new office is combating speed limits on rural roads, Australian Bollards can offer our automated speed hump, Speedoo. This automated system is made to detect speeds and react when someone is over the recommended speed. When vehicles trigger the speed radar the system activates, making an inverted speed bump, hoping to lower speeds and make our roads safer.


Another solution that Australian bollards would be proud to offer this new office are our galvanized W-Beam System by Armco Railing. These barriers are sturdy and dependable and are used to reduce damage to vehicles, buildings, and protect pedestrians. When damaged they are also able to be replaced in segments, rather than replacing the whole system.

Australian Bollards is proud to offer their support to the new Road Safety Office and hope that their efforts work to help make our roads safer. For more information on the solutions mentioned or on any of our other products, please contact our highly trained sales team on +613 9459 3488 or email us on

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