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When bollards are hit in a car or machinery accident, it usually means good and bad news.

The good news is the bollard would have provided protection to prevent or reduce damage to valuable properties, assets and even potentially save human life, but the bad news is the structural integrity and aesthetic of the bollard can be compromised and may need to be replaced or repaired.

We were recently contacted to replace some bollards which were installed by a competitor at Pakington Shopping Centre, located in Geelong West.

On inspection of the site it was clear that the impact was very significant which left the bollards protecting the fire hydrant unfit to provide adequate safety.

We recommended a much more robust solution to ensure the protection of the utility and to minimise the potential damage to the bollard in the case of future accidents.

Two 24kg, 165mm diameter, 5mm wall thickness bollards were installed which are designed to absorb high impact collisions.

The installation also involved us carrying out a concrete repair, as we pride ourselves on being able to provide a turnkey solution; from offering expert consultation, recommending the appropriate solutions for the job and expert advice, to providing the product, to installing the product, doing repair work on the ground and offering on-going maintenance services.  

In this case, if a solution which offered protection for a higher impact was installed originally the bollard may not have needed to be replaced but at least now the bollards that have been installed offer very solid protection. 

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