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Relief for repeat ram raid corner shop

by: NJM Group on

A ram raided convenience store in Bodicote, England has received almost £3,000 (A$5,300) from its customers.

Thieves drove a Land Rover through the unguarded shopfront aiming to steal an ATM. It turned out the ATM was empty. They made a dramatic escape in a nearby Audi.

This is the shop’s third ram raid. Convenience stores are a common and frequent target for attacks. In Leopold, Victoria, an IGA has been raided for the third time in 12 months.

A common theme with ram-raid incidents is thieves often target vicinities with ATMs such as shopping centers, convenience stores and banks.

Australian Bollards has a range bollards designed to protect these venues to look out for not only your assets, but your employees and customers.

Our products are safeguarding many such venues across the country such as the Bank of Melbourne, St George bank, Coles Patterson Lake, North Blackburn Shopping Centre and many more.

For an added layer of protection, bollards can be installed in front of the ATMs themselves.

Ram-raiders will generally scope out a venue before the crime and know exactly where the ATM is and the fastest route to it. If there are bollards surrounding the ATM, they know they won’t be able crash into it to uproot the machine and therefore will choose not to ram-raid the building.

Repeated ram raids are a deadly threat to business. They can leave important stores and their staff unable to keep up with costs. With Australian Bollards, you can stop crime in its tracks and secure the community.

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