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Ram Raid Thieves Make Destructive Blunder

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Another day and another ram raid; this time in the suburb of Keysborough. Early on Tuesday morning, a pair of masked burglars rammed a stolen truck into Kingsclere Shopping Centre. Their target was an ATM inside the centre, but things didn’t quite go as planned.

After managing to get the truck wedged between the ATM and a newsagency, they had to call for backup. A third accomplice arrived in another stolen vehicle – a Holden Commodore – and attempted to ram the truck to free it. But it was a futile attempt, only managing to further damage the vehicles.

The gang of thieves were forced to speed off with only parts of the damaged ATM after police arrived at the scene.

It all looked like a bad joke. And the punch line-

according to the owner of the newsagency, the ATM was empty.

They might not have gotten their hands on any money, but they’ve still left thousands of dollars’ worth of damage in their wake.

Similar events occurred at both Watervale and North Blackburn Shopping Centres last year. Soon after at the request of each centres’ management, we installed some high-impact, energy absorbing bollards at likely ram raid targets around the centres. There hasn’t been a ram raid at either location since.

Australian Bollards has also provided security solutions to Chadstone Shopping Centre, this time in the form of ‘soft approach to hard security’ bollards.

These bollards are engineered with a modern, non-threatening design in mind. Standard bollards can promote the idea that people need protection from imminent attack and subsequently make people feel unsafe. Our soft approach bollards negate this by appearing to be for aesthetic purposes rather than protection.

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