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Ram-raid spree stuns Springhill Shopping Centre

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There were scary scenes at Springhill shopping centre this week, when a crazed driver drove along the shopping centre footpath and ram-raided multiple stores.

After the shopping centre rampage, the driver then led police on a car chase through the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Footage shows the black Nissan Pulsar driving on the wrong side of the road before hitting a tree and a fence leaving him severely injured.

While we can never stop people driven by greed, hate or just mental derangement from committing such acts, we can make our shopping centres, public areas and streets as safe as possible.

A lot of damage at the shopping centre could have been avoided with a simple bollard installation.

The shops are the livelihoods of hard working business owners and it just takes one mentally deranged person to make them start from scratch.

Bollards can either be fixed if in front of a glass shop front window, or removable if in front of a shop door.

This provides easy access control to bring ram-raid protection at times when a premise is unattended and removed to allow the free flow of patrons at times of service.

The bollard housing has a lid which sits flush with the ground when not in use so there is no tripping hazards for customers and staff.

Australian Bollards has a long history of protecting shopping centres from ram-raid attacks including these recent installations at Watervale and Blackburn North Shopping centre.

For more information of shop front protection, feel free to contact our customer service team on +613 9459 3488. 

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