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Ram raid attack… just for a snack

by: NJM Group Marketing on

The extent to which criminals go to just to satisfy their desires is becoming very damaging to the overall fabric of society.

In recent times, the level of violent ram-raiding criminals have significantly increased.

This increase is partly due to the intensity of rising street gangs based in the outer suburbs of Melbourne.

In the early morning hours on the 21st of July, an unattended petrol station in Rowville was targeted.

The criminals had successfully ram-raided the front entrance and consequentially stole the goods they had come for.

The ram-raiding thieves had come for a quick snack rather than a normal robbery.

The criminals came and stole six chocolate bars and two bottles of coke.

The motive behind the robbery is still unclear. However, sources have revealed it was possible due to an intense sugar rush.

A lot of effort and energy was put into getting just a snack.

The last time the service station was ram-raided the thieves left with a handful of lighters.

This was the second attack within two months on the same petrol station.

The concerns that arise after such ram-raids surround the level of safety at the petrol station as well as asset protection.

The clear and most consumer-friendly approach would be to install bollards that would ensure the protection of employees and customers as well as the shop front itself and the assets inside. 

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