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Queensland Lights the Way With Road Marker Technology

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We would like to welcome Queensland’s roads to the future.

Australian Bollards can gladly announce that Queensland Transport and Main Roads contacted the company recently, announcing that Internally Illuminated Pavement Marker (IIPM) solutions have become more popular and that a specification is in development for Queensland roads.

IIPMs are the next step in road marker technology, lighting up roads from the middle and reducing accidents by up to 70%. Australian Bollards’ cutting edge IIPMs include the solar powered AB-FD-300 and the AB-WRS-C Wired Road Stud.

These safety yellow solar road studs are self-sustaining and need no maintenance. Wired IIPMs are controlled from a central panel that can control up to 150 lights, while solar IIPMs need only soak up the Aussie sun.

The Australian Bollards AB-FD-300 can already be seen in the Melbourne CBD. Illuminated road studs are proven to make drivers take more care and avoid driving on the road’s centre line. Road studs also bring new levels of safety to rural train crossings and tram stops.  

Every road is a new way that IIPMs can save lives.

Queensland has committed itself to well-lit nights in the last year, launching the City of Lights strategy in Brisbane. Property developers and owners are asked to focus their building on creative light display, and the city has awarded Creative Lighting grants to private residences.

On certain nights, the whole city lights up in planned colours. On Christmas, Brisbane turns red and green. To welcome the Brisbane Glory rugby team on February 5, the city morphed into the team colours. Australian Bollards road studs can change light colour at the operator’s will.

IIPMs are a high tech solution that will bring the road into Queensland’s new love of light. Australian Bollards road studs meet Australia’s stringent quality standards, able to withstand the tough wear of Aussie roads, including attempted theft and electric faults. If the new IIPMs are Australian Bollards tough, Queensland’s new road markers have a long and sustainable life ahead.

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