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Several people in a McDonald’s car park near Wollongong were injured on Monday after a truck hit a fire hydrant and several vehicles, leaving a white sedan badly crushed.

The truck was predicted to weigh at least ten to thirteen tons and caused serious damage to its surroundings. Witnesses to the event say they saw the truck “fly through the roundabout and up over a couple of cars”.

While accidents like this are common and difficult to eradicate entirely, bollards installed to Australian standard could have stopped- or at least majorly slowed down- a truck travelling at high speeds and weighing that much.

In situations like Wollongong’s, AS/NZ and PAS 68 rated bollards can be installed where vehicles may become hostile. Australian Bollards’ installations have been designed and engineered to protect people, vehicles and assets with sub-surface mounted defence systems to render vehicles immobile on impact.

The Urban Workshop on Londsdale Street is protected by stainless steel high impact bollards. This building now has the peace of mind of round-the-clock protection for its staff and visitors that hostile and uncontrolled vehicles won’t get far once they make impact with Australian Bollards.

Uni Hill, in the north eastern suburbs of Melbourne, installed energy absorbing high-impact bollards this year to protect their high number of shoppers on foot from hostile vehicles. By providing Uni Hill with architecturally designed bollards, Australian Bollards can provide high level security to shopping centres and car parks without raising safety concerns.

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