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You don’t have to look far to see how glass can be used to sophisticate the buildings we spend our time in.

The Library at The Dock’s smart use of glass enhances the natural lightning, YVE’s luxurious glass facade apartments take urban living to another level. And we are all familiar with Federation Square’s signature buildings.

Stunning architecture at The Dock and the YVE building.

Another exceptionally designed venue is Caribbean Business Park. The park is open and spacious, its glass and metal offices connected by broad pathways and stairs.

The glass is an integral part of the modern look, as are the tailored metal handrails, provided by Australian Handrails and Australian Glass.

Australian Glass can deliver high quality glass to large building projects using the information on your DXF file.

We offer seven different types of glass: Tempered glass, bullet proof glass, silk screen glass, fire resistant glass, heat soaked glass, insulated glass and laminated glass. 

Insulated glass is a great choice for apartment and office buildings with its energy saving and noise reducing properties, while heat soaked glass provides a tough and durable solution. Or maybe you need something a bit more specific like the decorative silk screen glass or bullet proof ballistic glass.

No matter what you need, Australian Glass can supply it.

To learn more about our products and services, please visit our website or contact us on or (03) 9459 3488.

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