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Shocking CCTV footage has shown kids in the Northern Territory scaling fences to access planes to siphon fuel from wing tanks.

At least 100 kids in the area were sniffing aviation fuel, some as young as seven who now run the risk of lead poisoning.

The NT Government is providing dogs for 10 hours a night for the next three months for protection at a cost of $70,000.

But here at Australian Bollards we think a better long term solution is upgrading the premise’s fencing system which will prevent kids scaling the fence.

In fact, airport owners have agreed with this sentiment, suggesting spending $400,000 on a high-secure fence would be a better solution in the long run.

When it comes to high security solutions, Australian Bollards has garnered a reputation for high quality solutions with provide a high level of security.

 There are two solutions we offer in the fencing space which together or separately would provide a very strong solution, rhino and palisade fencing.

 Rhino fencing is built from seamless steel posts with high-density welded mesh panelling to make a premise a fortress.

The fencing is equipped with a unique tooth clamp connection which drastically reduces the likelihood of dismantling.

It is engineered to enhance post strength with its M type design, it accommodates uneven terrain and is perfectly fortified to resist intruders. 

 Palisade fencing is a widely-used fencing system manufactured from cold roll formed steel sections designed to provide strength and rigidity.

 The cold rolled pale sections are permanently secured to horizontal members, to form a high security solid steel barrier.

 These steel sections are smooth verticals which create an absence of footholds making it almost impossible to climb.

 The forbidding appearance and inherent engineered strength of the individual steel pale profile resists attempts to pry, ram, bend, dislocate or dismantle installation providing an effective deterrent to would be intruders, while providing strength and durability at an affordable price which offers peace of mind.

 Both fencing systems can be used in conjunction with several optional accessories such as barbed wire, concertina razor wire or crank wires.

With ten kids hospitalised from these disturbing activities in recent times and financial losses for the airport and NT government, it is time for the security system to get an upgrade which will not take any chances.

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