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Protective solution to Macca’s crash

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An unfortunate incident happened a few nights ago when a woman apparently lost control of her vehicle and hit into the glass window of the McDonald’s restaurant in Campbellfield, a northern suburb in Melbourne. Luckily, there were no injuries.

It was a strike of pure luck that nobody was sitting at the tables next to the window on a typically busy Saturday evening. Usually, Macca’s restaurants are packed with families, children, teenagers and locals of all ages.

At the time of the incident there was no adequate impact protection outside the building structure of the McD, such as bollards and wheel stops, which protect against vehicle collision.

Australian Bollards provides customizable protection for all restaurants of this kind, which could face a similar issue any time, especially if their glass walls are facing busy parking lots or roads.

These types of accidents could be prevented by placing our high impact, energy absorbing bollards, which could be delivered in stainless steel or Australian bollards durable finish, depending on client requirements.

The stainless steel version can also be installed indoors, for additional protection. This is an architecturally pleasing solution which can add a contemporary look and feel to any space.

Besides the bollards, protection can be further enhanced by rubber wheel stops, which can be conveniently placed on every parking spot to prevent uncontrolled vehicle movements. They should be used as first point of protection, as they can serve as a vehicle barrier and as a guidance for the driver for more efficient parking.

We implement such kind of solution at various locations with high traffic, as well as crowded areas, such as retail shops, shopping malls, exhibition centres, showrooms and similar.

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