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Protective Eyes in the Skies

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New South Wales is aiming for safety with more drones flying over its beaches. The drones will help lifeguards spot dangers in the water which will result in earlier action and more lives saved.

The push for increased drone presence comes after a trial of drone assistance on the NSW north coast in 2017 and this movement is expected to continue in the coming years.

Using new and adaptive forms of technology to improve public safety is becoming more and more common. And it’s something that we really support here at NJM Group.

Just like drones are able to help keep people safe in water, Australian Bollards aims to keep people safe on land.

Our most cutting-edge security solution is the Raptor AI. The raptor is a remotely controlled unit fitted with cameras, speakers and microphones allowing the controller to see, hear and speak through the unit to tackle emergency situations.

Of course, should a dangerous scenario occur, the Raptor AI is equipped with SecureCloak smokescreen.

SecureCloak is a smokescreen system designed to quickly pump out thick, non-toxic smoke. The smoke will significantly reduce visibility and force people to leave the area; effectively nullifying the threat.. We’d love to hear from you.

Minimizing danger and increasing public safety is the Raptor’s number one priority.

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