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Protection fit for a tank

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Australian Bollards continues to keep the most vulnerable areas safe after a deal with waste management company Remondis.

Australian Bollards installed its popular High Impact AB-HSM168-Y bollards around a large gas tank in the Remondis yard, where trucks often pass.

Flammable liquids need safeguarding. Even an out-of-control car that’s been slowed can cause serious damage to tough structures.

In the United States recently, a passenger car hit several motorists and slammed into the side of a nearby business, fracturing the building’s gas main. See our blog about this dramatic event.

Australian Bollards’ high impact bollards are an easy solution to everyday disasters.

Bollards can stop a high speed vehicle, even a Remondis waste removal truck. They’re a regular sight outside shopfronts, public transport, warehouses, banks and popular meeting spots.

With 360 degree performance, high impact bollards can keep a VBIED away from flammable materials and crowds at any angle.

High impact bollards are everywhere. Australian Bollards’ AB safety yellow finish shines through the distractions and dark of any workplace. People know that a row of yellow bollards means safety.

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