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Protecting your Shop-Front this Festive Season

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An early morning ram raid last Wednesday has left two offenders empty handed, as they failed to rip an automated teller machine (ATM) from its anchors.

The two men broke through the window of Cranbourne East shopping centre, and then proceeded to repeatedly reverse into the ATM.

After a series of failed attempts, the offenders left behind a significant damage bill to both the shopping centre and the ATM.

Australian Bollards provide products that are 100% Australian made and trusted and are committed to delivering products of a high standard, with 24/7 protection to your business. 

It is important to Australian Bollards to provide ultimate protection against ram-raids, with various solutions to choose from that can help safeguard businesses. 

Bollards are commonly used to help protect retail stores and shopfronts from theft and ram-raiding. In order to help prevent future ram-raids at the Cranbourne East shopping centre, the installation of the Anti-Ram Raid Bollards could be an ideal way to protect both the shop-front and inside of the centre itself.

Designed to protect stores from theft and ram-raiding, these bollards are classified as high impact bollards and are made from Australian steel.

The AB-CDKL90-Y Key Lockable Removable Bollard is another anti-ram raid solution that can assist in protecting both shopfronts and ATM’s against ram raids. 

The removable bollards work by managing vehicle access in high risk areas, public and parking areas, roads, streets and lane ways. This product is highly ideal to secure your business after-hours, and offers 24/7 protection to your company’s assets. 

Australian Bollards has also provided ram raid protection for Aspendale Gardens, Chadstone and North Blackburn Shopping Centre’s, where bollards were installed to protect pedestrian against vehicles, whilst safeguarding shopfronts from theft threats. 

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