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Protecting Warehouses with W-Beam Guard Railing

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W-beam guard railing has many applications which extend well past road solutions.

Our recent installation at Owens Transport in Altona demonstrates the benefit of the solution in a warehouse setting.

The installation serves three main purposes, firstly it has occupational health and safety benefits creating a walk way which forklifts and other machinery cannot enter.

Forklifts are heavy pieces of machinery which move in many directions in cramp spaces so anything which can be done to separate foot traffic from forklifts traffic is creating a safer working environment.

The walkway marked out by the W-beam guard railing also has been created to be left clear of tripping hazards.

The second major benefit of the installation is to facilitate efficient foot traffic within the warehouse.

This means tasks can be done quicker throughout the day, without staff members having to navigate their way through a maze of stock and machinery to get to their desired destination.

Thirdly, the W-beam guard railing is used to protect the building from being damaged by machinery and transport.

W-beam guard railing has been installed around the outside perimeter of the building to help prevent such accidents.

Australian Bollards has a long history with helping make warehouses safer, more theft proof and more efficient work place environments.

Access control bollards and roller door lock down kits are another great warehouse solution to ensure stock and machinery isn’t stolen during times when the warehouse is not attended.  

Barrier guards and warehouse bump rails can also be used to protect assets stored in the premises and the warehouse itself.

For more information about warehouse solutions, feel free to contact our customer service team on (03) 9459 3488. 

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