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Protecting Australian’s within our sporting grounds

by: Australian Bollards on

Security and anti-terrorism measures are being enhanced at sporting facilities and public shows, following recent terrorism activity.

Iconic sports grounds and stadiums such as Adelaide Oval and the MCG are implementing metal detectors to enhance security protocols.

The event management teams are also asking patrons to limit the number of bags being taken into the ground, while doing hand held checks with metal detectors.

Australian Bollards can enhance stadium security with the implementation of metal detectors at highly populated events.

This is in the form of a Single-Channel Body Security Detector, often seen in airport security checkpoints.

These Security Detectors can see hidden substances or materials within a person, through a non-invasive inspection.

On the display monitor it can show super enhancement and image magnification features to search hidden places within a person.

The detection mode can simultaneously detect people and their small handbags, to make security processes more efficient and thorough.

These security processes will also provide the public with an ease of mind knowing that the possibility of a terror attack within the stadiums has been drastically reduced. 

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