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Protecting 7-Eleven

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Early on Wednesday morning a gunman entered a Springvale 7-Eleven store with the intent to rob it. The incident ended with an employee being shot in the elbow and the robber fleeing. This has not been a solitary event.

Earlier this month, a Richmond 7-Eleven hosted a robbery and last year we saw a terrifying incident where a woman attacked complete strangers with an axe. All of these events occurred during the early hours of the morning.

Priding themselves on providing convenience around the clock, 7-Elevens’ 24-hour service policy is an important part of the chains success.

And SecureCloak is the perfect solution to provide 24/7 protection for everyone.

Able to be activated by a panic button; SecureCloak is engineered by NJM Group to nullify dangerous situations quickly. Once activated, the system pumps the area full of thick, non-toxic smoke and activates sirens, simultaneously blinding and deafening a robber. Robbing or attacking no longer becomes an option once SecureCloak has been activated. The only choice left is to run, but even that won’t be easy surrounded by smoke. On top of this, the smoke residue will cling to the would-be thieves’ clothing to help police track them down.

Australian Bollards number one priority is public safety, and we keep this in mind when designing security solutions. SecureCloak is designed purely for protection and it needs to become standard for 24-hour businesses.

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