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Protect Your Shopfront From Cars

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A car injured seven people after driving along a row of unprotected shopfronts today. It seems the driver lost control of their BMW and mounted the sidewalk in Brooklyn, New York, America.

All the pedestrians have survived so far. It’s not known what caused the vehicle to lose control.

Disaster can happen anywhere in the world, at any time for any reason. Recently a car has also driven through the front of a Cold Rock ice cream store in Rowville, Victoria.

One small accident in front of your business can threaten everyone’s lives.

But there is a solution that keeps your customers safe.

The PAS 68 approved high impact bollards provide a high level of shopfront security. The bollard features an easily recognisable safety yellow finish that is easy on the eye. Our security solutions are built to keep out traffic, whether it’s a car veering off the road or a speeding VBIED-equipped vehicle.

Australian Bollards are your first line of defense against the unexpected.

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