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Protect Your Man-Cave

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Insurance is a win-win. The provider benefits financially and the customer benefits through peace of mind.

Insurance companies such as Shannons and Ryno have found success by providing insurance for vintage and classic car owners. It doesn't matter if it's Holden, Ford or Chevy.

Australian Bollards believes that you should use bollard protection for your assets and prevent them from being stolen or damaged in the first place.

Australian Bollards provides two key solutions for those wanting to protect their vehicles.

First, removable bollards. They're engineered to be energy absorbing and high-impact resistant and can be locked in place via key. They come in either stainless steel or powder coated options. Keep these in front of your vehicle and if you need to drive it, then you can unlock and remove the bollards.

Second, are our roller door lock down kits. They use a simple latching technique to secure the door to concrete. It prevents levering and force-based entry, even preventing ram raids. This solution is perfect for those keeping a valuable car inside a garage, preventing thieves from gaining entry to the garage.

When it comes down to it, the cost of a bollard is nothing compared to the thousands of dollars and hours spent on your vehicle. Protecting it could be the cheapest solution in the long run.

Insurance companies could consider it mandatory for customers to have bollard protection in place.

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