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Potential Copycat Ram-Raid in Sussex

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A forklift was used to demolish the wall of a co-op supermarket in Sussex last week which resulted in three thieves getting away with an unknown amount of cash from an ATM. The group then abandoned the forklift to escape in another vehicle, leaving what a police spokeswoman said was “Significant damage” inside the store and to its exterior wall.

This burglary comes only months after a similar attack on a supermarket in South Morang, Victoria, where thieves used a front-loader tractor to ram-raid an ATM and the entrance of the premises. The two groups of burglars used similar methods to get inside the shopping centres and this points towards the fact that thieves have been increasing their efforts to reach their targets.

Trident Bollards are resistant to high impacts from hostile vehicles, they can be key-lockable and sub-surface mounted for convenient and simple removal when required. Also able to be installed at commercial sites such as banks and shopping centres, if security solutions like these had been installed at the supermarket entrance, they would have stopped the burglars in their tracks.

Trident and Bank Bollards are ideal for installations in congested areas. They are used to protect storefronts, laneways, tram stops and footpaths under heavy traffic conditions.

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