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Portable barriers at Premier League clubs a 'leap forward': Security experts

by: NJM Group Marketing on

Security experts have described Premier League clubs' plan to deploy road barriers as a 'leap forward' in the protection against vehicle-borne attacks. 

The purpose of the road barriers would be to prevent terrorists from driving vehicles into grounds at Premier League clubs, protecting thousands of fans at their games.

In an interview with Sky News, Doug Metcalfe, operations manager at Burnley, said: ‘We, as a nation, are in a different situation. The terrorist threat is real and is probably here to stay for some time.'

He continued to say that, ‘it’s important for us to do the right thing. ‘We have a duty of care for our supporters and doing the right thing means enhancing the protection we offer with barrier systems like this one. ‘When our supporters arrive here they can enjoy the game safe in the knowledge that they are better protected.’ 

Portable barriers are versatile and easily installed as compared to traditional barriers, according to experts. 

Event Bollards, a division under NJM Group, has utilised this concept to design temporary leasing bollards that can be deployed at a moment's notice. Like the portable barriers considered by the Premier Leage clubs, our event bollards are easy to install and quickly deployable. They can be hired for a set time period, installed by our in-house team and uninstalled at the end of the lease. They are designed to block vehicle access while letting pedestrian pass between the bollards.

Different designs are available, including our standard square concrete bollards or spherical granite bollards as well as other customised designs. 

Luna Park and St Kilda Esplanade Market are two recent places that have benefited from our Event Bollards. Deployed just before Christmas and the festive holiday season, the bollards make sure visitors at the theme park and market are protected from vehicle-borne attacks.

Recently, we have installed our event bollards at Point Cook Pop Up Park as well to help reinforce the pedestrian-only area where the event takes place. 

We hope to help many more venues in the future protect their staff and supporters with our hired event bollards. 

If you would like to know more about what we have to offer, please visit our website or contact our sales team on 9549 3488

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