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Police, Business Owner Fretting Over Stolen Guitars

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Two guitars took the Stairway to Heaven on Wednesday after thieves broke into the warehouse and museum of prestigious Australian guitar manufacturer Maton around midnight.

One of the guitars, a red Maton Wild Cat, of which only 100 were made, and a white electric guitar, signed by 38 musicians from the 60s and 70s, were both stolen.

The two guitars are said to be worth over $10,000 each.

The thieves broke into the Box Hill South property by simply smashing a window. The culprits are still at large as police try to recover the “priceless” guitars.

As the owner of Maton guiatars, Neville Kitchen told 3AW, “You really can’t put a value on them.”

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If Maton had also secured their assets with SecureCloak, the burglars would never have been able to pick out the ‘cream of the crop.’ Instead, they would fumble around and have to leave within seconds.

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