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Pharmacy Prescribed Protection

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Yet another ram raid has struck Melbourne, this time at an Airport West pharmacy.

The brazen raid occurred on grand final eve and involved a stolen Subaru slamming through the front entrance of the business, giving the thieves immediate access to the pharmacy and causing an estimated $300,000 worth of damage.

And this is the eighth time the business has been targeted over the last decade.


Do you have protection in place?

Australian Bollards manufacture and supply a variety of security solutions that are perfect for protecting you and your assets.

Namely, our wide range of bollards that include anything from key-lockable to automatic, retractable bollards, which are designed to withstand high-impact collisions. Positioning these anti-ram raid bollards in front of entrances to your business or home, prevents thieves from using a vehicle to gain access or damage the premises.

As another layer of protection, we also provide our innovative SecureCloak System. SecureCloak is designed to release a thick, non-toxic smoke upon activation (which can occur via sensor alarm or button) which will blind and disorient the intruder; If you can’t see, you can’t steal. The smoke is accompanied by loud sirens which further confuse them. This combination forces the intruder to leave or risk being caught by authorities.

These solutions combined, create a ram-raid proof business.

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