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Perth Business Owner Taken For a Ride

by: NJM Group Marketing on

An early morning ram-raid has potentially cost a Perth business owner tens of thousands of dollars on Thursday.

The event which occurred at around 2am, involved a gang of masked thieves ramming their way into Kalamunda Cycles with a four-wheel drive. Using bolt cutters, they stole some of the most expensive bikes in the store; a haul totalling around $16,000 in value.

Jo Bennett - the owner - was alerted by the store alarm but was forced to watch helplessly while it was robbed and damaged.

We can add this event to the list that forces us to recognize the importance of security against criminals not just for financial protection but also public safety. On top of this, having security measures in place gives peace of mind.

It pays to be prepared and there are a variety of systems that could have helped to drive off the criminals on Thursday morning.

Australian Bollards has a wide range of bollards and barriers engineered to withstand high-impact from a vehicle. Having these located at shop fronts prevents vehicles from ramming stores and criminals gaining access. It also protects people within the store from being struck.

Another security solution made available by NJM Group is the SecureCloak system.

SecureCloak can be activated by either a button (if an employee is in the store) or when a store alarm is triggered. Upon activation, it will quickly pump a thick, non-toxic smoke into the store and activate sirens. The thieves can no longer hear or see and are forced to either abandon the robbery or risk being caught.

Additionally, the smoke leaves residue on the bodies and clothing of anyone caught in it, helping the police to identify the criminals after the event.

Had Mr Bennett had SecureCloak installed, it would have activated when the robbers triggered the alarm and possibly deterred them. At the very least, the damage would have been minimized.

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