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Peace and Public Safety this Anzac Day

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On Anzac Day we commemorate and honour those who have fought to protect Australia. It is important that we remember those who came before us and celebrate with veterans and families of these soldiers, upholding the Australian spirit of federation.

The remembrance service is held all over Australia and New Zealand, a National Day for honouring and being mindful of the peace we are so lucky to have.

Lest we forget bollard

Many of the cities across Australia and New Zealand are very multicultural; providing diversity, exciting combinations of culture, food and traditions. Australians and New Zealanders value this multiculturalism sacredly, protecting all of its citizens and those who come to visit these great nations.

Anzac Day Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne

Keeping this peace and protecting our citizens is what this day originates from it only makes sense to continue this safety by implementing security measures. Police will be monitoring the surrounding areas as security; however, there are other threats that we must protect against. Melbourne and other places, have been subject to many vehicle attacks, disrupting the lives if many, causing chaos and fear. The best way to prevent and minimise threats such as this is to install bollards which are capable of preventing vehicles from harming anyone. Many Australian services will be installing bollards for this event, ensuring peace and public safety.

Shrine of Remembrance Bollard

These bollards come in various shapes and forms, from square rustic concrete to sleek artistic spheres. All of these bollards have been rigorously tested and approved to withstand vehicle collisions, complying with the industry PAS 68.

Our Mitigation Vehicle Event Bollards - AB-VIBED-MVB - are temporary fixtures which are quick and easy to install, providing public safety at a moments’ notice. These hostile mitigation vehicle heavy-duty concrete bollards won’t budge even when hit by a car. They serve to protect large amounts of people and can be hired for any occasion.

These concrete bollards are excellent as temporary measures, however the optimal protection offered by Australian Bollards is the Centurion Bollard.

Centurion Sliding Bollard

The Centurion Shallow and Surface Mounted HVM Sliding Bollard System is an innovative solution to providing moveable bollards in public areas. If an emergency service vehicle needs to pass through to an area, the Centurion allows for this ease of access by sliding horizontally. Unlike the vertically-retracted bollards, they can be installed as a shallow-mount system. This VBIED A.I system is rated to stop a 7.2 tonne truck moving at 64kph. Not only does the Centurion comply with the industry standards of PAS 68 but it also complies with IWA 14 – the impact performance requirement for a vehicle security barrier. It is the only solution available in Australia to hire that complies with both PAS 68 and IWA 14.

For more information on hiring our event and Centurion bollards visit our website or call today on +613 9459 3488.

We wish everyone a safe and happy Anzac Day. Lest we forget.

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