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Parmalat steps up security

by: NJM Group Marketing on

The recent implementation of Protective Safety Barriers at Parmalat is a fine example of how Australian Bollards can offer premium warehouse security. Parmalat, Australia’s leading dairy company responsible for popular brands like Pauls, Oak and Ice Break, requires the very best in warehouse protection and this is exactly what they’ve got from Australian Bollards.

Comprised of high impact, powder coated yellow bollards with horizontal railing, the Protective Safety Barrier at Parmalat’s Rowville factory runs parallel with a clearly defined pedestrian pathway in order to prevent vehicular collisions with employees and visitors to the work site.


These barriers are also ideal for defending stock, machinery, other vehicles and the factory itself from errant vehicles, be it a forklift, reach truck or industrial carrier. In the event of damage, compromised products will need to restocked, machinery repaired, vehicles fixed and the warehouse mended by a trade worker. All of this costs time and money, which in turn reduces productivity, output and profit.

By limiting the risk of damage with Protective Safety Barriers, operations can run smoothly and unnecessary disruptions can be avoided. The installation of a Safety Access Platform has further enhanced the warehouse security at Parmalat, with these products allowing staff to conduct their work at greater heights without having to sacrifice safety or stability.

However, these aren’t the only options available to those wishing to secure their warehouse against hazards. Australian Bollards boast an extensive range of warehouse protection products, each of which can be used to complement one another in appropriate scenarios.


There are a variety of guards from the Asset Protection collection that help to shield various fixtures from collision damage. Barrier, Corner and Racking End guards all offer dual security; whilst they are preventing vehicular impact to the structures they are sectioning off, which would result in a collapse and potential chaos, damage and even fatalities, they are also defending ground level stock.

Column guards, as the name suggests, are designed to protect columns from being compromised by vehicle collisions, Wall Corner guards are manufactured from heavy duty rubber and are suited to coping with accidental trolley impact and Down Pipe guards serve to prevent any drainage or pipage damage throughout the factory.


Australian Bollards also produce the W-Beam System by Armco Railing. These are flexible guardrail systems that minimise vehicle impact. Attached to the end of fixtures in a variety of configurations including bull nose, double height and fish tail end, this product is yet another measure of protection against vehicular collisions.


It goes without saying that Australian Bollards offer the product for which they are named. In the case of factory security, bollards are capable of being utilised for a range of different applications.

Whether it is for shielding fixtures from vehicles, safeguarding pedestrian crossings or coordinating forklift parking, bollards are a versatile solution for warehouse protection.  

Line Marking

One of Australian Bollards’ many services is line marking, ideal for use in conjunction with other preventative measures in a warehouse environment. From specifying forklift and pedestrian paths to signifying hazardous areas and loading zones, line marking is crucial to quality factory security.

Safety Handrailing

Safety Handrailing is another example of multi-purpose protection. While it is primarily utilised to assist people on foot, it can also serve as a tool for preventing vehicles from collisions or stopping them from falling off ramp edges.

Rhino Fencing

For those after some additional reinforcement, Rhino Fencing provides supreme exterior security for warehouses and factories. Comprised of seamless steel post and high-density welded mesh panel, this product can accommodate uneven terrain and enhance post strength via its M type design.

Ideal for deterring thieves and intruders, Rhino Fencing can be equipped with optional features such as crank arm, barbed wire and concertina razor wire to deliver unparalleled reinforcement.

Wheel Stops

Truck Wheel Stops also have their place in the warehouse security catalogue. These can be utilised with collaboration with bollards and line marking to create a holistic parking system, with the stop situated at the rear of the space to prevent the vehicle from moving out of the park.

Marking can specify where each vehicle must park and bollards can be placed alongside the paint as a means of separating each machine, reducing collision likelihood and consequentially, creating comprehensive parking protection.

What are you waiting for?

It is time for organisations in factory environments to follow Parmalat’s lead and safeguard their staff and resources by accessing Australian Bollards’ supreme range of products to improve warehouse security.  

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