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Parking Protection with W-Beam Systems by Armco Railing

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Australian Bollards successfully cooperated with a premium Melbourne location, the Bourke Palace, in order to enhance parking security.

Bourke Place is a premium-grade office tower with stunning views across the Melbourne CBD skyline, providing outstanding office accommodation at a prestigious address in the hearth of Melbourne’s legal, financial and insurance precinct.

Parking safety enhances both public and building protection. There are various products which we offer to enhance it. One of them are the W-Beam System by Armco Railing. The model which we have installed has a Bullnose end, which is one of the types of endings. These types of barriers can also be found in highways and along the road, safeguarding from any impact and unwanted damages.

They are supported by Zee Park Posts, which is a fully crash test and complaint (AS1170.1) barrier system. ZEE Park is designed to spring under light nudge impacts, but predictably yield under severe impacts, preventing damage to the slab/anchor bolts.

These W-Beam safety barriers are a flexible barrier system that protects lives and property as it minimizes damage to vehicles and drivers. Placing this type of barriers reduces damage caused as a result of collision not only in car parks, but in industrial estates, agricultural areas as well as delivery bays where they function as crash barriers.

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