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Our Automatic Future

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Trackless trams are just another technological jump for Australia to take in the search for safety and efficiency.

They’ve been successfully tested in China and transport analyst professor Peter Newman has already spoken quite favourably regarding implementation of the concept in Australia. 

The trams would operate on ‘virtual tracks’ signalled by painted sensors along the road; a change which would be most welcome to replace outdated metal rails.

Estimates suggest that it could cost around five million dollars per kilometre. As expensive as it may sound, this is just 4% of the per kilometre cost of the light rails installed in Sydney which were around 120 million dollars.

The idea of trackless trams draws many parallels with the movement towards driverless cars. The technology involved with automation and robotics continues to advance and we are probably getting closer to sweeping change than most of us expect. There have been predictions that they’ll be on American roads by the end of the year, and Australia will certainly follow suit.

We’re heading in the right direction. Distracted driving, speeding, intoxication and reckless driving are some of the most common causes of fatalities on the road. They can all be attributed to human choice or human error.

We just have to look at the Raptor AI if we want to see the potential of this kind of technology. 

Developed by the NJM Group, the raptor AI is the future of public safety. Taking another step towards the full-scale use of automation within our society, the Raptor is designed to act as a security presence in public places.

It does this via the use of offensive and defensive capabilities such as pepper spray and NJM Secure Cloak smokescreens. The raptor also comes equipped with cameras and speakers high-speed capabilities. There is no escape from the Raptor AI.

The Raptor AI is just one of the many security solutions provided at Australian Bollards. 

We also engineer other automated technology such as EDS - Car Park Variable Rate Boards as well as a range of automatic bollards, barriers and other assorted security-oriented products.

If you’re interested in any of our security solutions, feel free to call us on 9459 3488 or visit our website for more information.

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