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Opalia Shopping Centre set to launch in September 2020

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Melbourne's outer western suburbs will be home to a new shopping complex with the introduction of the Opalia Shopping Centre.

Major retail outlets like Woolworths and Chemist Warehouse as well as several other businesses will be setting up stores at the new shopping complex.

The 19,000 sq.m shopping centre will be located in Melton South and is 45 minutes drive to Melbourne's CBD. 

It can be expected to have thousands of customers entering its doors and be a place where people can shop to their hearts content, socialise or just simply relax and have fun. 

With a large number of people expected to make the Opalia Shopping Centre their preferred retail outlet in Melbourne's outer western suburbs, it is certainly important that the appropriate safety requirements are put in place.  

Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED) are a growing threat in today’s society and as such need to be stopped before things get out of hand.      

Australian Bollards' range of products are an ideal protective mechanism that can prevent possible VBIED threats or rogue drivers. 

Australian Bollards have installed many Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) engineered solutions at shopping centres Australia wide. One example is the entrance to the Aspendale Gardens Shopping Centre in Melbourne’s south-east which is guarded by stainless steel high impact HI168 bollards.

Australian Bollards also have a range of parking solutions which include speed bumps and wheel stops. Our products can be found at the Pacific Fair Shopping Centre where they help make the roads and car parks safer for customers by making sure that vehicles are driven at the appropriate speed limit.


Other parking solutions can include general purpose and heavy duty bollards which can be utilised all over the shopping complex for complete protection. 

Products like the stainless steel light bollards make it an attractive inclusion for shopping centres as they not only provide protection for customers and the businesses but keep the complex well illuminated at night.   

The Chadstone Shopping Centre (23km from Melbourne's CBD) is another retail precinct where Australian Bollards has installed VBIED bollards around its premises over the past 18 months. The spherical bollards from the Vanguard Range not only mitigate potential hazards but also blend in with the surroundings of the shopping complex giving it a soft approach to hard security.

Public safety is first and foremost the priority at Australian Bollards and our products are ideal in protecting people and locations from harm’s way. 

The Opalia Shopping Centre is set to open its doors in September 2020.

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