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On Track to a Greener Future

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Victorian builders and construction companies have been at the edge of their seats since the Victorian government proposed a $50-billion train line to link Melbourne’s outer suburbs.

The proposed train line will span from Cheltenham to Werribee for 90 kilometres, linking outer suburbs to each other and has been described as “the biggest public transport project in Australian history.”

What does this mean for Melbourne?

More business opportunities: Businesses along the new transport lines may see a rise in foot traffic once the new system is in operation, meaning new businesses will also soon be competing for the hottest property in Melbourne.

Melbourne’s public transport will become ‘polycentric’: Public transport systems become ‘polycentric’ when commuters are able to travel from one suburb to another without using the city as an interchange.  Melbourne is currently a ‘monocentric’ city but, with the proposed rail line, will be like London and Tokyo, which are also polycentric.

Infrastructure to support and maintain growth: With a population growing quicker than any major Australian city, it’s fair to say the rail line will ease congestion on Victorian roads leading in and out of the CBD.

Regional interchanges for country travellers: New regional interchanges have also been proposed in the new rail system, which should decrease time spent by country travellers commuting to other regional towns for work, shopping and entertainment.

The problem of Melbourne’s Roads

Melbourne’s ever-growing popularity and projections for the future has brought the city to a developmental crossroads: trains or roads?

Development plans are still a hot topic for politicians and locals as the environment has become a priority. The $11-billion metro tunnel project, which is already underway, is a good sign the city which won World’s Most Liveable City seven years in a row will have a greener future. Although, many still say that more roads are what Melbourne needs, instead of updated and new public transport systems.

What should businesses do?

Australian Bollards supports any initiative which will ensure a cleaner, greener future for current and future generations of Australians. As a business, we understand the need for environmentally-friendly initiatives and solutions to infrastructure, and we’re doing all we can to extend Melbourne’s rail network. Our recent installation of handrails and architectural metal works on the Mernda rail extension saw the first trains to and from Mernda in 60 years. Australian Bollards are happy to announce the official opening of Middle Gorge, Hawkstowe and Mernda train stations, which will run a total of 982 services each week.

Contact Australian Bollards- a branch of NJM Group- today for more information on how we can provide you with our broad range of environmentally-friendly security and solutions. We are currently working in the Metro Tunnel and with City of Melbourne to ensure a sustainable future for generations of Australians to come.

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