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oBike tipping a dangerous scale

by: Australian Bollards on

Earlier this month Melbourne’s Lord Mayor, Robert Doyle announced he had enough of oBike’s and threatened to have them removed from the city.

"We work hard to keep the city free of clutter. They are clutter and that must be fixed," Cr Doyle said.

"Frankly I'm tired of seeing them left on various footpaths in and around the city, either left where their journey ended, or occupying public bike parks”.

"As a keen cyclist, I'm all for more bikes and increasing the amount of trips made on two wheels, however we have a better solution in the already established blue bikes," Cr Doyle said.

Cr Doyle is said to be making negotiations with the City of Melbourne and oBike’s about how to fix the problem. He also confirmed that we would ban the bikes if a solution was not found.

Alongside the clutter and pranks with oBike’s placement, helmets from the company are also being stolen.

It has been reported that since June, 40 per cent of oBike’s helmets had been pinched.

oBike’s head of marketing, Chethan Rangaswamy said that the company had estimated an average non-return rate of up to 20 per cent, and the scale of these losses in Melbourne “is a unique Australian issue”.

oBike is often known to not collect their bikes from precarious places, that would result in most of these helmets not yet replaced.

 In Victoria, it is a mandatory law that all helmets must be worn when riding bicycles.

With this bike sharing system at a loss with helmets, it may be concluded that some cyclists are hiring the bikes and not wearing helmets. Not only is this dangerous for the cyclist, but it is illegal.

Bikes were also being found in peculiar places that could lead to Public Safety Risks if left unattended. A bike was reported left along 109 tram line from Box Hill to Port Melbourne.             


With thousands of people travelling on public transport each day, and drivers going at high speeds to reach their destinations on time, these bikes are a serious hazard.

If a crash was caused due to an oBike being left in the path of transport or vehicles, who would be at fault?

These bikes are also a danger to every day pedestrians.

These cluttered bikes will be serious tripping hazards, especially young children or people with eye sight impairments.

If you can’t see what is in front of you, how are you supposed to navigate around a bike that has been left irresponsibly?

The danger of leaving the oBike’s in high places is evident too. This bike could tip from the roof of the portable toilet and hurt someone walking past, again, who would be responsible?

If a solution to prevent these serious safety hazards aren’t found soon, Cr Doyle will have no other option but to ban them from Melbourne. 

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