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Network Ten investigates Chadstone’s new anti-terror solution

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General manager of NJM Group Nicholas Marasco gave an interview to Network Ten on November 28 about a new anti-terrorism solution – a row of graphite grey spherical VBIED bollards - recently installed by Australian Bollards at Chadstone Shopping Centre.

“They’ll stop a truck travelling at 60 km/h just through sheer weight. They also have a propriety security system pinning them to the ground,” Marasco told Network Ten’s reporter.

The bollards are part of the Van Guard bollard range developed by Australian Bollards.

Taking a soft approach to hard security, the bollards blend into the environment seamlessly while being substantial enough to stop a truck at 60 km/h.

They are an elegant solution to protect Australia’s biggest shopping centre while complementing its luxurious feeling.

“It can be designed to blend in with the streetscape, any environment they need to go in,” Marasco says.

The bollards now stand guard in front of the entrance of the famous shopping centre, and shoppers are happy about the increased security.

“Whatever helps in terms of security, I’m all for it,” one woman says. Another male shopper states that, “there are so many crazies out there, you have to.”

Vehicle-borne threats have become more common during the past year. It’s a threat Australian authorities and businesses alike are starting to recognise.

“Authorities here were worried as early as the beginning of this year about this threat, and according to the experience of this year just come down to the realisation this is a real risk area that we need to address,” terror expert Greg Barton told Channel Ten’s reporter.

Australian Bollards believes a heightened focus on the threat is positive step towards preventing vehicle-borne attacks in the future. The trend is likely to continue with more terrorists targeting iconic sites in the future, using vehicles as a weapon.

Bollards are an effective and unobtrusive solution to the problem. They restrict vehicle access but are not in the way of pedestrians. They can even be multi-functional, such as providing seating or light.

We provide a range of streetscape bollards for any need. We can also tailor solutions.

To learn more about soft approach to hard security bollard solutions feel free to call our sales team on (03) 9459 3488 or view this catalogue.

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