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Ned Kelly Parkiteer Bike Shelters - Keeping Your Bike Safe

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Public transport has grown rapidly in Melbourne’s urban regions over the past two decades and with more people using trains now than ever it can be quite crowded in the carriages, especially with people carrying prams, skateboards and bicycles on board. 

To solve this problem, the Victorian Government had bike rails with chains and racks installed at train stations in early 2008, but people felt that this method didn’t adequately keep their bikes safe from the environment and potential thieves and continued carrying their bikes on the train. As such, another solution had to be created. 

The idea of introducing Ned Kelly Parkiteer Bike Shelters started back in mid-2008 by the Victorian Government when the Department of Transport had 23 shelters installed at several locations throughout the state with the intention of giving public transport commuters a place to safely and securely store their bikes.

Australian Bollards has been providing the solution to this problem with our Ned Kelly Parkiteer Bike Shelters.

Compared to other bike shelters, our Ned Kelly Parkiteer Bike Shelters are perfect for cyclists as they can provide and cater them with a convenient, space efficient solution to store their bike before they continue their journey via public transport.

Our Ned Kelly Bike Racks are positioned inside the Parkiteer Bike Shelter in a way that will maximise space and allow a larger number of bicycles to be stored (up to 30), yet leave no damage to the wheels, the framework of the bike and its handlebars. This is done by installing our bike racks in a surface or frame mounted staggered fashion 400mm apart, inside the cage.

Not only can you use our Ned Kelly Biker Shelters as a place to store and protect your bike throughout the day, you can also keep the bike in pristine condition with our Bike Repair Station and do maintenance to your bike if required.

Our Ned Kelly Parkiteer Bike Shelter is also an environmentally friendly solution as it not only gives people a place to store their bikes in a safe location throughout the day but also encourages them to use bikes regularly, which in turn reduces traffic congestion on our roads.

Further emphasising itself as a “green solution”, our Ned Kelly Parkiteer Bike Shelters can also be installed with solar panels on its rooftop which can then be used to brighten up the shelter at night-time, making the site a safer location by increasing visibility.           

As well as having a designated location to protect bikes from the elements and prevent potential thefts occurring, access into the shelter is only allowed to those who have the appropriate key card.  

Other than train stations, our Ned Kelly Parkiteer Bike Shelters are also installed at locations like residential properties, hospitals, car parks, universities, schools and recreational sites like parks and sporting clubs

Recently we have installed a bike shelter at the Casey Hospital, Digital Harbour in Docklands, Telstra Conference Centre and at rental properties along Toorak Road in west South Yarra.

For more information on our Ned Kelly Bike System Range then please visit our website or give us a call on +613 9459 3488

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