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Ned Kelly Bike Racks - Theft proof your bike

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Imagine you are on the way to work and you are riding your bike. When you arrive at the site you see that all the spots at the bike shelter are already occupied leaving you annoyed and left with the problem of finding adequate protection for your bike for the day.

Australian Bollards’ is able to provide you a solution to this problem with our Ned Kelly Range. An example of this is seen at NBN Co where late last year we installed our NK – 2000 Bike Rack System at their Digital Harbour facility in Docklands. Telstra’s Melbourne CBD outlet is also fitted with our NK – 2000 Bike Rack System which includes a Bike Repair Station that allows basic maintenance for your bike.

Compared to traditional bike shelters where a small amount of bikes can be accommodated and yet still be potentially crowded, Australian Bollards have devised the ideal solution in providing the most efficient use of space while still having the best protection. Our Ned Kelly Wall Mounted Bike Racks. 

Although each individual bike is spaced 400mm from each other, wall mounted bike racks allow a greater number of bikes to be stored and protected in a bike shelter compared to traditional horizontal bike racks. 

The 400m distance between each bike slot prevents the handlebars from each bike from overlapping each other, causing zero damage to the bike frame or its wheels.

In combination with our welded mesh panels and galvanised steel bike shelter (6700mm x 4500mm x 2400mm), it is perfect in keeping bikes extremely safe and secure from harms way such as opportunistic thieves and environment conditions.

Our NK - 2000 Bike Racks are given a black powder coated finish that gives the product greater durability preventing it from rust.  

The NK - 2000 has been tested and is compliant with the Australian Standards AS2890.3 for Bicycle Parking Facilities which was formulated in 2015, making it the "go to" product and leader in bike shelters and racks when it comes to bike facilities. 

Bike shelters can be utilised at schools, businesses, train stations, apartment blocks and other various locations but we can also provide our Ned Kelly Framing System which can be customised and used wherever required.

The team at Australian Bollards are committed to providing high quality solutions for our customers as it is important to us to continue to uphold the high standards we have set for ourselves since we first opened up in 1992. 

For more information on our range of Ned Kelly Bike Shelters and Racks, please view our website or call us today on +613 9549 3488 so we can help provide you and your bike the protection it deserves. 

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