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NASA’s Lander Safely Parked on Mars

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NASA’s Mars lander, InSight, has finally arrived at the red planet. After a hot, tense ride through the atmosphere, the probe successfully touched down and photographed the landing site. Elysium Planitia has been called the “Biggest Parking Lot on Mars” for its flat terrain and is a calm place perfect for taking scientific measurements over the next two years.

Unlike previous missions, which literally scratched the surface, InSight has a probe which is designed to dig 5 metres into the ground and measure how much heat is coming up from deep within Mars. The other main instrument is a seismometer to detect marsquakes and shockwaves from meteorite impacts, which will reveal more about the planet’s internal structure.

The lander also transmits a radio signal directly to Earth. As Mars wobbles, the signal changes slightly due to the Doppler effect, allowing scientists to see how the planet’s rotation changes over time.

With the idea of a manned mission on everyone’s minds, these robotic probes are vital for measuring the conditions on Mars in order to eventually have humans walk on the red planet. The geological data from InSight will also help scientists understand how Mars and other rocky planets formed.

The NJM Group has developed its own robotic solutions, including the Raptor security AI.  We also offer a range of other high-tech products such as automatic bollards and EDS (Electronic Display Screens). While InSight has plenty of room to park on Mars, there are many parking lots on Earth which could use a parking guidance system to show how many spaces are available.

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