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Mind the gap! Filling the dreaded gap at train platforms

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Falling through the gap between a train platform and a train is a far too common occurrence.  It is a terrifying incident where unfortunately children and the elderly are the most vulnerable.

Australian train platforms have been left with this substantial safety concern for far too long and it is time something is done about it.

Australian Bollards is leading the way in making Australia a safer place by introducing the Metro platform guard.

This revolutionary solution will increase commuter safety in two major ways.

Firstly, rubber prongs will stick out past the platform dramatically reducing the size of the gap between the platform and the train.

Australian Standards dictate other areas of construction to not allow gaps greater than 125mm.

Here at Australian Bollards we find it unacceptable that Australian train platforms allow for gaps greater than that distance and we are making a commitment to have all Australian train platforms to not allow a gap greater than 125mm.

Our team members have personally measured five train stations in Melbourne to get an indication of train and platform gaps. The gap at all five stations were above the 125mm distance.

North Richmond station had a gap of 130mm, Jolimont station– 160mm, Clifton Hill station 200mm and Collingwood and Victoria park had staggering gaps, more than double 125mm distance of 300 and 340mm respectively. 

As different train stations around Australia have different size gaps we can customise the size of the solution to ensure all gaps are reduced to well below the 125mm distance despite the original gap size.

The clever rubber pronged design allows movement of the rubber if hit by a train while remaining solid underfoot.

A Daily Telegraph article investigated the extent of how dangerous train platforms gaps are and the numbers are staggering.

The article states: ‘Last year an incredible 223 children fell beneath trains at stations … the number of injuries rose from 72 in 2015 to 81 last year.’ And these numbers are just from Sydney platforms. And after measuring just five train station platform gaps, it is no wonder why these numbers are so high.

The other way the solution will increase safety is the line indicating a safe place to stand behind will be marked with flashing LED lights instead of just paint.

Not only will this more clearly indicate the line for commuters but lights will flash to indicate to commuters that a train is coming.

 This will greatly benefit deaf people who can’t hear trains coming.  

Australian Bollards has done extensive work with train stations around the country and the introduction of the LED platform guard is an extension of our commitment to make Australians train commutes a safer experience. 

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