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Historic buildings and sites in Australia are an important part of our heritage, and many of them continue to be used for modern purposes.

Camp Road Military Base commonly known as the Broadmeadows Maygar Barracks is a good example of how a century old military base still has significance today.

The base was used for the first time in 1914 at the onset of the Great War after having been purchased by the Department of Defence. Since then, it has served as a hunting club and even a hostel in the sixties.

Despite its age, the Broadmeadows barracks is still an important military base today. It hosts services on Anzac Day and is home to the 4th Combat Services Support Battalion and Australian Air Force Cadets 407 Squadron.

And as for anything of significance, the historic barracks deserve proper protection of its surroundings, buildings and assets.

Assets located at the barracks such as intercom units were in need of protection as they were exposed to collisions. Cars turning in the narrow car park, or vehicles sliding off the nearby road both presented a risk.

That’s why flexible 140 diameter bollards have been installed on either side of the intercom unit.  

Because the bollards are flexible, it reduces damage to both a car and the bollard in the case of a collision.

The Shrine of Remembrance is another site protected by Australian Bollards where an anti-ram raid bollard was installed last February. 

We pride ourselves in providing flexible solutions. Our bollards come in many different designs and materials to suit any purpose with customisations as an option.

If you have an unprotected asset and would like to know the available solutions, our customer service team would love to hear from you. 

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