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Metro Barriers – Keeping Commuters and The Public Safe

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Metro barrier

The Metro Barrier is the latest innovative solution made by Australian Bollards which can help solve safety concerns and keep commuters safe.

Comprising of a surface mounted bollard and an expandable barrier, the Metro Barrier is quick and easy to set up and ready to be put into practice.   

Once installed, the barrier can be utilised in any direction (360 degrees) required thanks to a built-in swivel system found inside the surface mounted bollard. The surface mounted bollard is one metre high and is 90mm in diameter.

The Metro Barrier is made from mild steel which makes it a cost friendly effective solution and one that is flexible to solve a range of problems.

The barrier is also offered in stainless steel which is stronger and provides greater durability as it is weather resistant and doesn’t corrode. Its stainless-steel appearance is also pleasing on the eye making it suit a range of locations both indoors and outdoors. 

Metro barrier

This expandable barrier is ideal for sealing off various entry/exit points at train stations, shopping centres, car parks and warehouses like escalators, elevators, boom gates or walkways. This not only allows maintenance to be undergone at these isolated entry/exit points, but it also keeps commuters safe from harm’s way.  

With a maximum expanding length of three metres the barrier is ideal to seal off a variety of locations in a complex. It is also a convenient product that doesn’t take up a large amount of space as in its compressed form it is only 450mm long.  

The barrier is available in a safety yellow and black powder coating but can also be customised to any other corporate colour to provide a greater range of visibility that can complement a multitude of backgrounds.  

Metro barrier

Australian Bollards will provide the necessary protection that is required to keep not only our customers but the community safe from potential hazards and dangers.

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