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Melbourne's imminent bollard overhaul

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Melbourne’s inner city will be going under a bollard overhaul as the council has developed a comprehensive security plan to stop cars mounting curbs.

The plan has been devised with the help of State and Federal Police as well as other agencies.

Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle will take his security plan to a round table held in London which will be attended by the mayors of Paris, Barcelona and Rotterdam.

The plan highlights Princess Bridge, Southbank and the future plaza at the Queen Victoria Market as possible spots which will need protection.

While the safety this overhaul will bring is a great move, we can’t let this turn the city into a concrete/steel jungle which makes people feel like they are walking through a prison reminded of the dangers around them.

This is why a soft approach to hard security is important. VBIED/VBT protection does not have to come in the form of a concrete rectangle block or a steel pole.

For example, protection can come in the form of the banksia bollard designed to look like the famous Australian plant or the Van Guard light bollard range which will bring a soft lighting touch to the streets.

If done well, bollard protection can be disguised as art work.

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