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Melbourne gets permanent bollard solutions

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Melbourne City Council has responded to the public backlash of the temporary concrete blocks dumped in locations around the CBD.

The council will be removing the blocks and replacing them with permanent steel bollards and planter solutions.

These are moves in the right direction and we believe the more aesthetic solutions will win over a large portion of public approval.

With a large range of VBIED solutions available, we can see how stunning Melbourne can look if the right solutions were adopted.

We can tailor solutions specifically for iconic Melbourne locations to perfectly blend into its environment; whether it be tennis ball bollards at Hisense Arena or book bollards at the state library of Victoria.

We can also look at what functionality we can provide for Melbournians which extend well past protection.

Seating, vehicle access control, lighting and emergency warning lighting are all things which can be achieved through intelligently designed bollard solutions.

This Vanguard bollard, weighing 1.5 tonne, can provide lighting for pedestrians, drivers and cyclists, adding excitement and safety along city streets such as on the Princess Bridge.

At times of emergency, local police departments can make the lights flash red and blue to alert passer byers of the potential danger.

Council or company logos can also be embedded into the bollards.

Solutions such as the Wall Street Bollard can provide seating and access control to an area.

It is time to put the concrete blocks in Melbourne’s past and move forward. Let’s take large strides forward to provide Melbourne with the protection, beauty and functionality the city deserves.

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