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Melbourne deserve better bollards

by: Australian Bollards on

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for these past two weeks, you would have heard about the concrete blocks placed throughout Melbourne’s CBD.

Iconic venues such as Federation Square, The Queen Victorian Market and Bourke Street Mall have been marred by dull grey blocks with chipped edges.

It was only a matter of time before the public took it upon themselves to try to beautify the structures that many were using as ash trays and rubbish dispensers.

Creatives equipped themselves with paint, linen, spray cans and their imagination to do all they could to make them look better.

But it really shouldn’t have to come to this.

‘Boll-art’ is great, but it should be used to enhance the aesthetic of a bollard which already holds its own artistic merit, not cover up its’ flaws.

While it is good that the City of Melbourne is taking the safety of locals and tourists seriously, a better solution should be implemented.

A solution which is permanent, not using a product designed for other purposes.

A VBIED solution which provides better safety, which cars cannot drive past.

And a solution which holds stunning artistic merit, which the public does not feel the need to beautify.

Experts are now saying these concrete blocks from 'Harry the Hirer' can slide up the 30 metres in the event of a car accident. 

Whether it be a soft approach to hard security VBIED sphere bollard, a VBIED designer slant top bollard, a VBIED Spalding Bollard, VBIED banksia bollards, pencil bollards or icosahedron bollards, high security solutions that look great are available to us today and Melbournians deserve the best.


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