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Melbourne City Takes A Soft Approach to Hard Security

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The City of Melbourne recently decided to remove the concrete bollards in replacement of aesthetically pleasing street furniture. This has shown a clear intention of the city of Melbourne and its leaders to provide security options in the hustle and bustle areas of Melbourne.
Over the past few years, the City of Melbourne has rolled out a significant number of concrete bollards to protect our innocent civilians from hostile vehicle attacks.

Australian Bollards has always prioritised a soft approach to hard security. Melbourne is now complying through their recent decision to keep Melbourne beautiful by installing planter boxes and metal seating, revamping the city and modernising its landscape. 

The idea behind taking a soft approach to hard security is quite simple and has two main reasons behind it:

The first is the clear and obvious reason to maintain the fact that Australian cities are the most beautiful. They also prioritise the safety of our citizens through bollards, street furniture and other subsequent security measures. 

Shoppers and commuters will be able to go about their daily lives without being concerned about the presence of concrete bollards. These aesthetic alternatives will make Melbournians feel comfortable in their home city, surrounded by stunning scenery, thanks to a soft approach to hard security.

The rollout of these attractive pieces of street furniture and security measures has already begun. The council has installed 206 concrete bollards within the last year and has taken all the steps necessary to protect Australians. 

A recent trip to Melbourne also showed concrete bollards placed in inconvenient places, making it hard for disabled civilians or parents with prams to commute through the city. The current concrete bollards’ main feature is rapid deployment in a moment’s notice and don’t fit the style of the city.

Alternative options and better planning to ensure that bollards and street furniture that are DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant is necessary to get the City back to its aesthetic appeal and to avoid tripping hazards. 

Thorough planning and careful consideration will allow access areas to become more open, useable and attractive.

As seen in the image above, concrete bollards have been misplaced, barely allowing a mother with a pram to get through. Additionally, the concrete bollards have been vandalised, filling our city with unattractive graffiti. 

The team at Australian Bollards has analysed the area and planned for a more attractive and practical approach to Melbourne’s safety. Vanguard bollards are fixed with LED lighting to provide a better appearance, lighting and accessibility for Melbournians whilst still providing all the necessary safety requirements. The PAS 68 Vanguard weighs 1.5 tonne and will mitigate any hostile vehicle attacks.

Australian Bollards is proud to live in a city that regards safety so highly and we are excited that a soft approach to hard security is being taken.
The team at Australian Bollards values careful and considerate planning and are more than happy to help to provide public safety solutions. If you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact Australian Bollards at +613 9459 3488 or look at our catalogue.

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