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Melbourne CBD Bollard Upgrades

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Melbourne will receive $50 million in security upgrades from the Victorian government this year throughout nine sites in Melbourne’s CBD including Queen Victoria Market, Southbank, Southern Cross Station, Federation Square and the State Library.

The first upgrade will be the Flinders Street forecourt, which will be widened by up to three meters as early as December. This is expected to ease the course and protection of foot traffic in the area and to compliment the addition of the proposed ANZAC Station near the Shrine of Remembrance.

Event Bollards

Concrete bollards which were temporarily installed throughout the CBD will be replaced with PAS68 rated high-impact energy absorbing bollards to further protect pedestrians, while additional measures such as street furniture and CCTV are also to be expected. 

PAS68 Rating

The quality of the bollards to be installed in the CBD must adhere to PAS68 ratings, which determine specifications for all barriers installed in public areas around Australia. PAS68 specifications include impact test methods, vehicle weight, type and speed, the angle of impact, vehicle penetration and debris dispersion.

Australian Bollards provides a range of security solutions which adhere to PAS68 ratings and in accordance with IWA-14.1 standards, making them easy to install in a variety of public spaces. Our Event Bollards are wrapped in ballistic covers to contain debris upon impact and are complains with Section 3.8 of the PAS68 Standards (Dispersion of major debris), while our high-impact shallow mounted bollards allow for minimum foundation depths above wire and pipe works while still able to stop a 7.2 tonne vehicle at speeds of up to 80 kilometres per hour.

PAS68 Shallow Mounted Bollard Footing Systems protect against high-impact collisions from hostile vehicles. They can also be cased with aesthetically pleasing designs and can be installed inside spheres and blocks for extra protection. The advantages of our Shallow Mounted Footing Systems make them suitable for busy installations in the CBD and other crowded areas.

Soft Approach to Hard Security

Public protection can come in many shapes and forms and doesn’t always have to look intimidating. So at Australian Bollards, we’ve created a broad range of architecturally designed bollards made from different materials such as stainless steel, granite and concrete to compliment their surroundings while still providing PAS68 protection. Our Shallow Mounted Bollard System can be installed inside drinking fountains, park benches, street side shelters and granite spheres.

For more information about our range of security solutions, visit our website here or call us on +613 9459 3488 today.

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